Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Where It All Begins

This is a new piece that is just at the first stage of progress. It all begins with the cotton and the paint. I generally like stretching my cotton onto a frame before I paint it as it adds to the stability of the's not shifting all over the place. I always begin in the background so after the work is removed from the frame I'll begin blocking in the trees that are furthest away from me. They will get worked in thread as well as the background leaves and branches. After that is done I'll spend the majority of my time working on the foreground. I am envisioning lots of tiny bits of lavendar amongst the grasses.

When I was out this morning I picked up some new thread as I am also working on a hibiscus flower for the show in June and surprisingly enough only had three spools of different pinks. Guess pink doesn't come into play that much in what I've been doing up to this point but perhaps the hisbiscus flower will change all that.

Last week Sue emailed me asking me if I stretch my work in a hoop. Yes and no. The problem I've always had with the hoop is how very limiting it is and the fact that I have to stretch and restretch my work depending on what area I'm working on. Lately I've been stablizing it with canvas which really seems to work best for me.
My site has now been launched at the OCC. While your there check out some of the other amazing artists the Council represents.


girl work studios said...

Thanks for showing an in progress work. I'm fascinated to see how you create these pieces, they're so unique. Have to check out the OCC website more, it looks great.

Melody said...

When I progress to stage two of this piece.... I'll post that also. Thanks so much for your interest in my work.

Jean Levert Hood said...

I'm looking forward to more on this work in progress.

Your OCC site is great, Melody!

Melody said...

Thanks so much Jean...I'm really enjoying posting my work in progress

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