Thursday, April 24, 2008

Painting A Day Blogs & The Talented Molly Brose

Work in Paint & Thread

So you know I've been kicking around this idea of selling my smaller pieces, which will be matted but not framed, from this blog for quite sometime. I've gone back and forth with the idea maybe I will, maybe I won't. So as I sit here typing away I've got my framer matting a few for me. I'm going to post them sometime next week. So tune in! There are many artists who are now selling their artwork from their blog as I have recently discovered. I like the idea because I think it makes art more accessible to everyone and it also gets us artists a little bit more exposure. Even though the web may be flooded with small artworks at this point I think each artist has their own talents and strengths and that will attract the type of client who follows their work. Just my thoughts!

Anyone who follows art on the internet is probably aware of the "Painting A Day" movement which was spearheaded by the famously talented artist Duane Keiser. Just in case you don't here's the lowdown.......In 2004 Duane decided to post a postcard size painting on his blog everyday and sell them for $100.00. He could barely post them fast enough as they sold almost immediately. Today he still posts his works from his blog but sells them through eBay. His small paintings sell for around $300.00 or more. You can read more about Duane in this article by U.S.A. Today.

There are also many other groups that have popped up lately such as the Daily Painters Art Gallery. Over 100 artists are represented and they receive about 15,000 views a day. Not bad.....not bad at all. Which now leads me to how I found one of my new favourite artists, Molly Brose. I found Molly's work on the Daily Painters site and absolutely loved it. Her unique work is done primarily in graphite, conte and watercolours. There is something so beautiful in how she is able to capture a story within each piece of her art. The swirling backgrounds done in watercolour add such delicate colour without overpowering the message the work holds. I usually check out Molly's work everyday but I'm not the only one judging on how quickly her work sells. I love "On The Mend" but someone beat me to it......of course the needle and thread totally spoke to me. Molly sells her work for $95.00 each and tries to post 3 or more paintings a week. If you get a chance check out her site. It is a feast for the eyes.


Ellen said...

I like Molly Brose's work as well. I'm pretty impressed by many of those painters a day. That's such a great excercise in discipline, (I wish I was up to it). Can't wait to see your artwork for sale here!

Melody said...

Thanks so much Ellen. I too, admire the painters who can produce that kind of work so quickly. Don't think I'm up to that challenge but would like to post at least 1-2 pieces a week if possible for sale. The problem with my work is that the three dimensionality of it is lost in a photo. It truly can't be appreciated unless seen live....but we'll see what happens.