Monday, April 28, 2008

This Falls Under The Category "What Was I Thinking?"

I snapped this photo yesterday feeling all "happy and sunny" ....yeah, spring is here. Today I woke up to sleet, rain and wind. Tonight it is supposed to go below freezing...yuck! Poor flowers.

Lately I've been spending too much time reading art blogs. I can't help myself. I so enjoy checking out what others have been working on and posting. I have my usual list of artists I check in with almost daily and one of my favourite blogs is Creative Laundry, Art and Motherhood in the Suburban Wasteland. Not only is it brilliantly written but Ellen is an amazing artist as well. Her blog never fails to remain interesting as well as humourous. Her April 20th post "My Day Without Oil" is so very clever and funny. Today's entry "My Previous Life as A Poodle" took me right back. So in honor of Ellen's post here is my scary 80's hair which leads me to wonder "what was I thinking?"

What was with those glasses? I think Leonardo DiCaprio wore those when he starred in the bio pic "The Aviator". I don't know if you can see but I'm wearing pink stripped satin shorts alla "Olivia Newton John's video "Let's Get Physical". I think I thought I was pretty cool back then but come on....did I own a mirror? Why didn't John tell me I had to lose that look? Probably because he had the same big sunglasses as me and we both thought we were pretty hip. Anyone else brave enough to comment on their 80's look? That's my blast from past. Thanks Ellen for inspiration.


Ellen said...

Hilarious! Thanks for the kind comments on my blog. The glasses are completely Donny Brasco, but the rest is 100% Flashdance. I had a lot of bubble gum pink as well, especially in big plastic jewellery. Oy, the eighties - bad hair, bad clothes, bad music... future generations will never come back to us for inspiration that's for sure.

Melody said...

Oh Ellen...I laughed so hard reading your comment. Yes, Donny Brasco for the glasses and Flashdance for the outfit...perfect. And I meant every word I said abour your blog. I look forward to reading it everyday....or whenever you post.

andrea said...

Oh no! You, too! Does that mean I have to post my '80s hairdo? :) I never had bubblegum pink -- it was always screamingly neon magenta. Great posts the both of you!

Melody said...

Come on Andrea....let's see your eighties hair photo...I know you have one.