Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sure Signs of Spring

Seeing laundry on the line has always been a sure sign of spring to me. This is my neighbour's laundry but John put up our line today so come tomorrow, which I hear is going to be warm, you'll find me outside with my wooden clothespegs hanging clothes. We have been experiencing some fabulous weather lately.........this past winter was one of the longest I can remember.

We now even have a cleared path to the compost which may not seem that important to some but it was a real slog making your way down there with all the snow. Looking at this photo does remind me that we desperately need to stain the deck this spring......yuck!

Meanwhile on the art front, I am posting another piece in progress as the last one I posted got tea spilled on it. When will I learn to ever learn not to bring drinks into the studio and place them on my work area? At least I wasn't that far into it. So this will be the piece I'll be posting in various stages of progression. Right now it is just basic roughed in acrylic on cotton. I think the only section of this piece I'll not threadpaint will be the sky that way the trees will seem quite three dimensional against the flatness of the blue. Hope everyone's having as warm a weekend as I am.
See ya!

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