Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Decluttering............how much of my life do I spend on this?

Purple Fields
Work in Paint & Thread
I will spend today doing one of my least favourite things and that is decluttering. It seems like I spend a lot of time on this task only to find out within a week or so that the entire house looks like it did before I started. How can that possibly be? It makes me wonder how many hours of my life I've spent on this. Today I've decided I will tackle John's workshop which is in the basement. I don't know why we call it his workshop as he never does anything in there. Oh, the odd time he goes in there to get a nail or a drill but mostly it just seems to be the room that collects a whole lot of junk. If the girls don't know where something goes they just leave it in there. So the most dreaded room in the house is finally going to get a much needed make over. But I can promise you there will be no before and after pictures. I'll have two bags on the go. One for garbage and the other for Goodwill. I think it's going to be a long day.
Most summers are unbelievably laid back for us which suits our lifestyle just fine but this year seems to be the exception. I don't know why we jam packed so much into a couple of short months but I'm feeling really tight on time these days. Surprisingly enough I did finish "Copper Road" and am extremely pleased at how it all turned out. The wools and silks I used just shimmer in the piece. Can't wait to see what it looks like once it's framed.
Hope these summer days are treating you well,


Ellen said...

Sounds like you and I are doing the same thing these days. The concept that 'everything must have a place' (or out it goes) is falling on my selectively deaf daughter's ears. I need to train them somehow. But once the clutter is gone, it does feel great, doesn't it?

cynthia said...

Good luck with the decluttering, Melody! I'm long overdue myself...

Melody said...

Cynthia and Ellen,
It went better than I thought yesterday and yes, when that clutter is gone is sure does feel good. Now the hard part is keeping it that way.