Sunday, July 13, 2008

Whirlwind of Summer Plans

Just arrived back from Muskoka this afternoon where we were pampered to the hilt for the past three days. John had his regional conference there and since they love to include the whole family we were invited also. My oldest daughter was off at camp so my youngest was a touch apprehensive about going it alone without her sister who all of a sudden she started missing. Can't remember when that happened last. Within hours I was the one on my own as she found a whole gaggle ( what do they call a group of 13 year olds?) of kids to hang out with. John atttended meetings in the morning was was off for the afternoon so we got to spend some time just taking in the beauty of that part of Ontario.

Today I'm back at home and for once we left the house in perfectly tidy condition......yes, all that decluttering last week really did work. John is in town at a garden center picking up some mulch, the girls are playing basketball so hopefully I can manage to sneak in a few minutes in the studio. My work has just been so sadly neglected this last little while. Tomorrow is a write off as I am busy all day and Wednesday John's brother and sister in law arrive from Iqaluit, Nunavut for a two day visit. Sunday we leave for New York so I can attended my workshop with Carol Shinn and a much anticipated visit with Tracy Helgeson. She has been blogging lately about her gorgeous new studio which I am, I will admit, a tiny bit jealous of. If you saw the space I worked in you would understand. But I am so very happy for her she sure deserves it. Can't wait to see it live.

Here is a link to one of my favourite galleries The Bau-xi Gallery in Toronto They also have a sister gallery in Vancouver. They represent the best of the best. Drew Burnham is represented by them and his work is just stunning.


Tracy said...

Looking forward to meeting you too Melody AND showing off my new studio:) However to offset how great that is, I will make sure and show you our bad garage.

Email me with your info!

cynthia said...

What a gorgeous spot!

I remember finding friends on trips when I was a kid - at first it's always intimidating, but before you know it, you have made contact. I watch my daughter do this too sometimes.

If I look at my schedule, it seems like my next free moment will be after August 18 when school starts back up...sigh

Melody said...

Tracy, just sent you an email

Cynthia, I also remember as a kid how scary it was trying to find friends.....even as an adult sometimes. Love the new work on your blog