Wednesday, July 9, 2008

On A Roll

Thread on Cotton

Yesterday went better than anticipated so today I'm on a roll. I've decided to tackle our overgrown gardens. Now John was always "the guy" when it came to taking care of all that but he's been unbelievably busy at work these days so the task has fallen upon me. If you saw the backyard you would know it has fallen on me. So this morning I went out and pulled some weeds and did some snipping of deadheads (I think that's a gardening term). There is still a lot to be done but today is a rather wet one and the mosquitoes are out in packs. I feel bad for our rhubarb though as it doesn't always get eaten. Our friend Jennifer who owns "Apple of My Pie" has a booth at the farmers market in Orillia and she sometimes raids the patch so at least in that way someone is enjoying it.

On the art front I've got a couple new galleries I am interested in but the application may have to wait until the end of summer as this one is just filling up too quickly. Check out OENO as it is one of the galleries I'm interested in.


Jean Levert Hood said...

Beautiful piece, Melody! That is wonderful on more Gallery representation.

Oeno's has some great artwork on their site.

Yes, deadheading, something that is very needed in my garden!

andrea said...

If tackling the garden inspires pieces like these then keep at it! At first glance this looked like a pastel drawing on dark paper. Very nice.

Melody said...

Jean and Andrea,

Thanks so much for your kind comments on this piece. It took forever to complete as there is no paint involved only thread.

Ellen said...

Wow, that's only thread? Beautiful! How big is it? I've bookmarked that gallery, I really like the selection of artists they have. I've heard raves about the area, Prince Edward County as well.

Melody said...

Yes Ellen it is entirely done in paint on this one at all. The piece is about 5"x7" but once is is double mattted and framed it works out to around
Isn't that a great gallery? Alice Vander Vennen mentioned them to me as she is represented by Oeno and moves quite a lot of art through them.