Sunday, September 21, 2008

Direction Unknown

Direction Unknown
Work in Paint, Thread, Silk & Wool

It seems I've been working in the studio almost non stop when I've not been fulfilling my other role as nursemaid. Both of my girls are sick with a doozy of a cold and John is away for the day.....flyfishing. I continue to repeat my mantra of the day which is "I am strong and healthy" you know the whole mind over matter thing. I can't wrap my head around the idea of getting sick right now when I still have so much to do. I haven't even begun to go through my inventory list, make up my placecards, put together some new business cards no to mention I have two more pieces due at the framers on Tuesday. My inlaws are due to arrive tomorrow for the night but I can't complain there. If anything they are unbelievably helpful. They were here on Thursday night on their way to Toronto and my mother in law was making soup while my father in law was washing the windows. You gotta love a family like that!
Happy first day of Fall to All.
Over and out..........

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