Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Undercurrent in Red

Undercurrent in Red
Work in Paint, Thread, Wool & Silk

Still working away in the studio but I always seem to find time to read my three favourite blogs. Of course I do read many more but these are the three I check in with on a daily basis.

Ellen's birding adventure is hilarious and Andrea's clip of Ken Robinson speaking on Creativity and Education is an extremely worthwhile watch. Read Tracy Helgeson's post on ending her limbo........thanks Doug!

Check out Ellen's here and Andrea's here and Tracy's here


Ellen said...

You're getting a slew of new work done!I think this one so far is my favourite. Really like the proportions and the lighting. And thanks for the mention, I've read Andrea's, off to read Tracy's.

cynthia said...

I also regularly read Andrea's blog and the video of Ken Robinson is so inspiring and food for thought.

I'm not familiar with the other 2 blogs - so will have to check them out. Your work is amazing!

Melody said...

Ellen, yeah I've been working pretty steady these last few weeks. I'm really enjoying this new work so that helps.

Cynthia, loved the video of Ken Robinson. Everything he said truly resonated with me. You'll love both Ellen's blog and Tracy's.