Sunday, September 14, 2008

An Interesting New Resident and A Trip to The Farmer's Market

I noticed the other day when I was taking out the compost that this guy seems to have taken up residence near my backdoor. Now I'm not someone who dislikes or is fearful of spiders, for some reason they just don't seem to incite the "yuck" factor in me..........for me it's always been about snakes. All that slithering just creeps me out. Not sure what variety of spider this is but if anyone knows I'd be interested to find out. He is absolutely fascinating to watch!

I was at the Farmer's Market on Saturday and always find it to be quite the treat. Nothing tastes quite like local produce. All those vendors setting up their tents at 6:00 a.m. rain or shine. You've got to admire that. Here's a few of my favourites.

This is Mark of Quaker Oats Farm. Hands down he makes the "best" stuffed olives I have ever tasted. I love the sundried tomato ones as well as the garlic. But if you have the garlic you have to make sure whom ever your with has them also......... a little goes a long way. My friend Rob favours the blue cheese stuffed but I'm not a big fan of blue cheese.

Tam makes delicious hand rolled spring rolls as well as garden wraps, sticky rice and curried chicken stew.

Tom is our local honey guy. He owns a small business called "Lavendar Hills Honey". Probably one of the kindest as well as happiest people I know.

Jennifer of "Apple of My Pie" is not only a vendor at the market but also a friend. She and her husband Ford run the booth every Saturday morning. If you don't pick up a pie from her by 10:00 a.m. your out of luck.......she sells out pretty quickly. A testament to her wonderful baking.

Hope however you spent your weekend that you made the most of it.


Ellen said...

Great slice of life. One of my favourite places to be on the planet is farmers markets. I went every Saturday and bought a big bunch of flowers from a hobby garderner there. Coming back with my produce and flowers, I felt as though I was in Paris. OK, a big stretch, but it felt divine. Now I visit a local farm that grows all the produce I need in the summer. It's so great to get that connection to the people who grow your food.

andrea said...

Look at those fat blueberries! They're past here -- so sad. This post reminds me of how I've been trying to get to a farmer's market all summer but with schedules and distance to drive it just hasn't happened. I love them and feel sorry for myself.