Monday, September 29, 2008

End Of The Tour and Dinner With Friends

Well the tour is over and I have to say I was rather disappointed. In two days I sold two small pieces which isn't much. Perhaps I set my expectations too high, maybe it was the weather (it rained all day Saturday and was cool and cloudy on Sunday), maybe it's the economy, etc. etc. I received wonderful feedback which is always appreciated but I only really made enough to cover my cost to get into the show and a bit extra. There were many people walking around but just not enough that were buying.

It was great to see David though and to look at not only his new home in Creemore but his amazing new work. If you click onto his site be sure to check out Enigma. I think it is his masterpiece. Peter Taylor also guested with us and his paintings are just beautiful. He has a solo show coming up at The Level Gallery in Collingwood in October.

A few friends made the drive up to check out the show and we all headed out to dinner afterwards. I did have a Creemore Beer as I think it's a sin to visit Creemore and not so so, or so I told myself. Thanks to Anna, Joe, Victoria and Les for being there.
P.S......Thanks to Nancy from Orangeville who came by to say "hi". She is a reader of this blog so I appreciate her coming out with her "little guys".


andrea said...

It's always a crap shoot, Melody, and I always seem to be wrong in my own predictions of how things will go. Disappointing, though, isn't it? Still, you didn't pull a big, fat zero, which I've done more than once! :)

Melody said...

Thanks Andrea....always good to have friends to commiserate with and yes, I've pulled a big fat zero a few times as well

Ellen said...

I've been following your new work on my (pretend) blogging break, fabulous!

Too bad about the studio tour (and yes, ditto Andrea,so much better than nothing!) I've noticed people tend to be more curious about taking a day visiting studios and galleries in open studio tours, but not really in the shopping mode (hopefully, it's not about economic worry and a sign of the times).

Melody said...

thanks Ellen....another great friend. Your right though, open studio tours really seem to be more about browsing or buying.