Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Long Time Gone

So I sit here this a.m. writing my first post of 2009 and fighting a crappy cold. My youngest daugher got it first and lovingly passed it along to her parents. John seems better and I feel and look like I'm about 110.........believe me, Benjamin Button's got nothing on me this morning. My nose looks like I've been on a bender for about a month.

Back to my post

So the holidays whirled by in their usual fashion which for us meant spending time with family and friends and simply being together. For Christmas John gave me an upgrade on my computer which I know doesn't sound all that romantic but if you saw how slowly my computer moves you'd understand. Shows how long we've been married when something like that makes me extremely happy. So we took it into Future Shop so they could work their magic and while John was dealing with all the details, I fell in love with a MAC. That big beautiful screen was not only hypnotic but I swear it was calling to me......"buy me, your life will be better with MAC". Without any effort whatsovever my fingers glided over the keyboard. I loved the clean lines of the monitor and the colour radiating from the screen was so, so vibrant. John woke me up from my MAC heaven when he came up alongside me and pointed at the price. Sigh!
Before we left the store I went around to all the computer that were hooked up to the internet and typed in my website. I have to admit it was quite cool to see myself smiling back from all those monitors but John pointed out to me it was kind of creepy too! But I remind myself exposure is exposure if only at Future Shop.

New Year's Day we took the tree and all the decorations down. I never fail to find this task depressing which is why John usually takes over and gets it done. If it were up to me the dam thing would still be standing until all the balls fell off due to lack of branches.
Being the New Year and all I guess I should come up with some sort of resolutions or goals although quite frankly I sure don't feel like it today but here goes,

1. The whole exercise more and stop eating chocolate thing is a no brainer. After all the Hersheys Kisses I pounded back this season I'm surprised I don't resemble that chubby kid in Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory. Or maybe I do and no one is telling me.
Note to self: if you don't buy the chocolate it won't be in the house.

2. I want to seriously focus on being the best artist I can possibly be this year. That doesn't mean comparing myself to anyone else but to work harder and with more discipline (discipline being the key word here) to uncover and refine my own individual talent. Everything from a small pencil sketch to painting on canvas or panel will work together to open me up to what's possible within my work.

3. This is on my list every year and may sound corny but to be the "the best person" I can. A better friend, a better listener and to be more generous with my time when it comes to others. I do consider myself to be a good person but I know as with all things there is always room for improvement.

So there goes. If this all sounds like a bunch of rambling it probably is. Today may have not been the best day to post but I've gotten a lot of emails from people wondering if I was ok and I wanted them to know I'm still here. Off I go to blow my nose............see ya soon.

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Ellen said...

Your Future Shop marketing strategy is brilliant (and cheap!):) I pine for a Mac too... one day, one day. Hope you feel better soon!