Monday, May 11, 2009

The Bounty of Spring progress
Acrylic on Canvas

I can't believe it's Monday already as it seems like the weekend has whipped by in a blur. For Mother's Day, the girls (I know it was John) surprised me with an IPOD docking station with speakers for my studio. As much as I love my CBC and my sweetie Jian, sometimes it's nice to listen to music cause you know you can't dance to CBC...... at least I can't.

The girls were pretty much out of commision on Sunday as my oldest had a large project due today and my youngest came down with a really bad cold. As John was working around the yard I decided to bike on over to my friend Kellys. We had a beer, laughed a lot and just caught up on the news in the village.

Dinner consisted of a fantastic Butter Chicken dish with basmatic rice and fresh asparagus John picked from our garden. You gotta love the coming of spring............

Note: The above piece will be a part of the Spring Show opening at the Silverbridge Gallery on Friday May 15th.


Kayla coo said...

Hi Melody,
This painting has a lovely feel to it.Is it your daughter?
I like listening to my ipod when I'm stitching.x

Ellen said...

Sounds like a wonderful mother's day. Music in the studio is an absolute must. And you grow asparagus? I'd love to do that, is it hard to grow?

Melody said...

thanks Michaela...yes, it is my oldest daughter

Ellen, asparagus is easy but when you first plant it you'll go the first year with nothing but the second year will yield a decent crop. Every year after that it comes up without you having to lift a finger. I love that part as I'm a lazy gardener.

cynthia said...

Lovely painting!

Fresh asparagus must be divine - one of my favorite veggies.

Melody said...

Thanks Cynthia! Fresh asparagus is surely divine