Friday, May 22, 2009

Odds and Ends

As Promised
Acrylic on Canas

I finally managed to get myself in gear and spent most of yesterday checking out a few new galleries that may work well to represent my work. Thankfully all but two of them accept online submissions. So much easier. I've been working on a few 6"x6" that I'm pleased with. They are wonderful formats in which to explore new ideas for larger pieces. I may end up selling them from the blog, to friends or whoever else may show up at my studio door.

John's aunt is arriving from out of town for dinner tonight so the studio is not going to see much of me today. Cleaning awaits me as well as dinner planning. We've got some rhubarb out in the garden so I think dessert will end up being a crisp.

Have a great weekend ...............see ya next week

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