Thursday, May 28, 2009

This & That

Infinite Grace
Work in progress

I never thought I would enjoy Twitter as much as I have but guiltily, I must admit it is fun. Quick and to the point it lets me know what the people I've decided to follow are up to. That, for me has been the key word........."choose to follow". I made a conscious decision to only follow those I know or those who interest me. If you don 't, you can get totally bogged down and never do anything else all day long.

I've been in the studio on a regular basis this week and feel great with what I've accomplished. CBC as been keeping me company as has my ipod........ lots of old Elton John (Mad Man Across The Water) and of course The Doobie Brothers (The Captain and Me)........some dance music which I'll discuss at a later date as it has to do with my need to dance while I work. Also been listening to the unbelievable Adele who I first heard on Q about a month ago.

The above piece is my foray into working on a larger scale which frightened me for quite some time but a good friend of mine encouraged me to make the leap. I've enjoyed it so much I've got a few bigger canvases on order. I still enjoy the 6"x6" and my next week I'll have a few ready to put up for sale on my sales blog which has been sadly neglected. They'll each be framed in a black shadowbox frame and will probably sell for anywhere from $95.00 to $125.00. The smaller pieces for galleries just don't work as once they've taken their % there isn't a whole lot left for the artist. So I'll use the 6"x6"'s for exploring new ideas for larger works.

Still raining here...........


Kim Hambric said...

This painting immediately made me say, "mmmmmmmmmmm".

I'm glad there are other artists out there who need to dance while they work. It is important and very freeing.

Melody said...

Thanks Kim.
And yeah, dancing in the studio is a necessity to fuel the creative spirit. At least according to me!

Kayla coo said...

Wonderful sky.
I have not tried twitter yet, so I was interested to here your comments.
We have beautiful sunny weather today for a change, infact very similar to the blue sky in your painting.x