Friday, May 15, 2009


I think I've mentioned the fact that my studio is housed in a teeny tiny space. In reality it's a small bedroom that I've taken over as a studio. At one time a few years ago we considered a renovation above the garage, which incidently would have been a gorgeous spot for me. Our house backs onto a a park and creek so the view would have been incredible, but alas, it didn't happen. So yesterday when I walked into my studio and saw what can only be described as a bunch of crap clogging up my space, I decided I seriously needed to purge.

This bulletin board above was making me crazy as nothing was organized and it made me feel uneasy everytime I looked at it. I also had a few paintings that were either completed or in progress which were hanging around so I took a hammer and a few nails and hung them instead. Much better and I like seeing them when I walk into the studio. John would have preferred that I use these do hickey things that don't leave holes in the wall but I went to three different stores looking for them and had no luck so nails it was.

The next thing to tackle was my desk which was housing everything from bills to a half finished painting and even an old beer bottle which was empty of course(no idea how that got there). So I spent the next half hour wearing my Martha Stewart hat trying to put things in their appropriate place.

After all was said and done things just felt better and when the room has a good vibe it makes me want to spend more time in it which in turn makes me want to work more. I'll post the cleaned up version in my next post.

Have a great weekend................


Ellen said...

What a bright, cheery space. I love seeing other peoples' work spaces. You've inspired me, I need to the same.

Melody said...

Yeah, although small it is still cozy and I'm happy there. Let me know how it goes on your end. Take some photos and post as I'd love to see your space.

andrea said...

Ha! I did the same and all it inspires ME to do is sit in it -- not work!