Wednesday, September 16, 2009

At Night At The McMichael Art Gallery

Autumn's Last Dance
Mixed Media on Canvas

Last night was such a treat as John and I were two of hundred or so invited to dinner and the premiere of the McMichael Art Gallery's "Challenging Traditions" show. It was a stunning exhibit of contemporary First Nations Art of the Northwest Coast. I so would have brought my camera but figured no one else would be quite that tacky as to take photos so I decided to leave it at home........but now I do wish I could have taken a couple shots.

This exhibit focused on First Nation's artists who were taking traditional artistic forms and infusing them with modern cultural influences. Beautiful silver bracelets engraved with flying ravens, large carved and embossed masks (some were quite disturbing and I found myself thinking that I wouldn't want to wake up in the night for some water, turn on the light and have it looking at me.....but that's just me), painted totem polls, bentwood boxes and more.........over 70 pieces in total. It was absolutely thrilling to walk amongst all this thoughy provoking art and to know that all but one of the artists were still living and creating.

Speaking of creating, work is going well for the Images Tour which is incidently right around the corner. I will be at stop M if anyone wants to come out and say hello. There is a complete map in the brochure on the site if your interested. I am so fortunate this year to be hosted by the amazing Hartley Woodside, potter extraordinaire. I will be guested at his gallery along with Gary Dover who is an award winning bird carver. It's a great weekend for a drive and the autumn colours are at their peak.

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