Monday, September 28, 2009

At The Five Media Launch

The media kickoff to the Images Studio Tour turned out to be a resounding success. My friend Anna who is also the owner of the North Simcoe News picked me up around 3:15 and off we went. The event was being held At The Five and was hopping when we walked in at 3:45. Anna, being with the media, was entitled to a Images Tour Cocktail which ended up being a Green Apple Martini with well artists had to buy their own drinks. Story of my life.................

So after some mandatory speeches, the food arrived and and everyone naturally gravitated there. This year the tour has joined forces with our local farmers and we are proudly raising the banner for supporting local food and local art. Most of the food the chef from At The Five served was local..........everything from butternut squash soup, vegetarian pizza, cheeses and salmon. It was all delicious and hats off to Kathy Hunt for organizing such a wonderful event.

By the time I got home I was hoping someone in the family had stopped off for a pizza as I was stuffed and forgot to take something out for dinner. Luckily I had made a large salad earlier in the day and threw together a few grilled cheese sandwiches. No one looked all that excited about the meal I had prepared (thrown together) but it was eat it or make your own. Everything got eaten.............


My friend Anna & the Mayor Harry Hughes

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