Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Slow Pace of January

Sunday Morning
Mixed Media in Acrylic Paint & Thread
18"14" Matted & Framed


Thought I'd check in so you know I'm still here although still nothing all that new to speak of.  I tentatively have a meeting booked with a gallery in the city for next Saturday so I'm hoping for the best.  They were also a part of the Cityline segment my work was featured in regarding mixed media art so that's how we met up.

January has been a relatively quiet month as I find most Janurays are..... lots of catching up with paperwork that got lost in the shuffle in December.  I'm also finding the pace just about perfect as I have a lot of new work already drawn up that I've been slowly making headway with.  I heard from my friend Carol Currie yesterday regarding the Thunder Beach Show which is taking place in July..I'll report more details as I receive them.

So that's my life to date....nothing too exciting to write home about but I'm still plodding along and am going with the flow so to  speak.  I've renewed my yoga practice as it kind of slipped into oblivion back in December.  I've always touted the benefits of yoga and feel it's become even more imperative as I've gotten older.  If you don't already practice yoga give it a shot as it not only stretches out the body but it stretches out the mind as well.

Namaste......that's yoga talk don't you know.........

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