Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Red Earth
Work in Paint, Thread, Wool & Silk
Framed & Matted  14"x11"

The Red Earth is definitely one of my favourite pieces.  Hard to see the texture or vibrancy of the red groundcover here but if I do say so myself.....it is beautiful.  This week I'll have to head up to Woodside Gallery to pick it up as Hartley closes up in the winter and doesn't reopen until March or April.  As I had mentioned before I'll be in Toronto this weekend meeting with a new gallery so I'd like to have it with me.  

On a whole other topic, my oldest daughter just got her license yesterday which is exciting but terrifying at the same time.  She is a confident and careful driver but everytime she leaves with the car my heart is in my throat.  I'm sure that will change over time or knowing me, maybe not. 

Life is nothing if it's not about change.  The sooner we get on board the smoother the ride.


andrea said...

I like the way you've framed it and the use of colour/contrast. Cool lamp, too. :)

Melody said...

Thanks Andrea. I always frame very simply. You can't go wrong with a white matt and a black or dark wood frame.... goes with anyone's decor.