Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Brilliant Weekend


This past weekend, just as last year, we hosted an International Student who is currently attending the University of Toronto.  We were lucky enough to host the wonderful Sophia from Bologna, Italy who is working on her Masters in Women's Studies.  No one I know loves the snow as much as Sophia as she told me she would rather walk on snow than on a beach full of sand.  I wish I could agree but right about now that sand is sounding pretty damn good to me.

The International Student Weekend brings together 31 students from 31 different countries  for two days of outdoor activities like skating, tobogganing, snow tubing etc.  Some of these kids have never seen snow and  in many ways seeing it through their eyes is like seeing it for the first time all over again.  I can't tell you what an experience it was for my girls  to learn and to speak with students from all over the world......Australia, Turkey, Iran, Denmark, Egypt, West Africa, Ukraine, Russia, England, Mexico etc.  For two days I had the pleasure of watching all these countries together coexisting, having fun and it gave me a taste of what world peace could be and believe me, it was so very sweet.

I was so thrilled to find out that Angie and Mohammed, my friends from last year were participating again this year.  Angie and I have kept in touch and sometime this spring we'll be heading down to Toronto for one of her homecooked Egyptian dinners.......can't wait!  Here's some pics from the weekend.

Me, Mohammed & Angie

                                    The girls and Yin and Yin from China

                           Sophia's First Ride on  A Snowmobile

     The girls and Simon from England, Sophia and Lilly from Portugal

                                           Sierah and Yin

Final Group shot before getting on the bus and heading back to Toronto

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andrea said...

Love this slice-of-life post -- and the snow! We sure could've used some of that this winter.