Thursday, February 11, 2010

Life Stuff

This year I simply can't bring myself to complain about winter at all.  No a whole lot of snow to talk about and plenty of sun.  This morning I practiced yoga in front of my bedroom window and enjoyed feeling the warmth of it on my face.  Reminds me that spring isn't that far away.

 On the art front I'm currently working on three different pieces.  Two landscapes and one in which I'm experimenting on painting on primed canvas and overlaying my wools and silks.  I'm naturally excited about this but it remains to be seen whether the end result is what I was envisioning.  I really like the fact that I haven't as of yet gotten complacent in my work.  I enjoy trying to figure out different ways in which I can continue to work in my medium realizing that the medium still holds much to be discovered.  I wouldn't say that it means I'm all that creative but just that I get bored easily.

My oven has been on the "fritz" for the past few days and today is the first in which it has been operational so I'm taking advantage of that and baking a lemon loaf.  Can't say I'm all that thrilled with cooking but I've always loved to bake as there just seems to be something so meditative in baking.  Did I mention I also love sugar and chocolate...that could be another reason.

So before I say au revoir (I'm reading "My Life In France" by Julia Child at the moment and it is fabulous. As one reviewer pointed out "It's not just a book about food but a book about a life...a glorious life" and I agree) here's one of my new favourite blogs......Tiny Buddha.

Keep the sun on your face because spring isn't that far away...........

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Kayla coo said...

Hi Melody,
I think as artists it's in our nature to keep experimenting, always changing the way we use our chosen materials.
I enjoy that process and as you say it would be boring if we didn't.
I so need Spring!
We still have grey cold days here. M x