Monday, February 8, 2010

Exciting New Representation

The Village Gallery has been on my "gallery radar" for quite some time now.  Whenever I'm searching out potential new representation I'm always looking for what would be a good fit for not only me but for the gallery as well.  The Village Gallery appealed to me in a big way as I like the caliber of artists they represent and I love how progressive Alison Goodwin the owner is when it comes to getting her artist's work seen.  Everything from Art Blooms to The Interior Design Show in Toronto to  their Pop Up Gallery......  to me that is a gallery that's working for the artist and I want to be a part of that.

I had submitted to them back in early November and once I had firmed up the Cityline gig I sent Alison an email letting her know I'd be on the show.  Ironically enough so were they.  They were going to be there representing one of their artists,  Alison Hodson.  That's where I met Megan Cornwall who is the Art Consultant for the gallery.  We got along famously and I looked forward to meeting with Alison at some point down the road.  Well that road ended on Saturday when I walked into the gallery with six of my pieces (yes, I had an appointment)  and met not only Alison but Jackie, Mallory and Bonnie who were all in the middle of a morning meeting.  Everything for me clicked right away as they were so kind and so generous in their praise of my work.  There is nothing better than having a gallery as excited about what you do as you are.  I hope they didn't think I was a freak though because I was talking a lot and perhaps even rambling at one point but I'm a pretty social girl and when I get pumped up about something there's no stopping me.

The craziest thing happened when Mallory who is interning with the gallery and who is also taking Art & Art History at the University of Toronto, asked where I lived.  Just so happens in some "the world is a small place" type of way that her parents live right down the street from me.  She happens to know pretty much all the people I know but then again I do live in a village of only 300 people so that might not be too hard.

Anyway, Alison kept four of my pieces for the gallery,  my work will be shown in their monthly newsletter in March and at their opening of Art Blooms on April 24th.

So all and all it was a very successful day.  

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