Monday, April 26, 2010

Fabulous Opening of Bloom at The Village Gallery

Big, big thanks go out to Alison and Megan for such a lovely opening at The Village Gallery on Saturday. The attention to detail was so impressive....everything from the fresh cut flowers to the extraordinary treats provided by Raw Aura.  

Last week I had sent down jpegs of my three newest pieces which are mixed media on canvas in the hopes that they would agree to take them,  as the new work is a departure from what I have been doing in the past and happily enough,  they loved them and yes, will be carrying them in the gallery.  They will be photographed and hung this week.  

Ran into an old friend from high school and a few of her friends that she had brought along and we all went out to lunch with my sister and brother in law.  We decided on Raw Aura just because the treats at the gallery were so amazing .... we weren't disappointed.  Highly recommended.  Here's three of the desserts we ordered and split....

Chocolate Avacado fave

Strawberry Cheesecake without the cheese

Some Banana Chocolate Thing...good

Unfortunately my other brother in law and sister in law arrived about 15 minutes after I left the gallery so I didn't get a chance to hang out with them which is too bad as I always enjoy their company.  I heard from Gregor that Megan gave both of their kids a freezi ... now that's a great gallery...prepared for anything.

Check out The Village Gallery for more photos and yes, I am in one of them.   I'm the one wearing the red jacket holding a water botttle


andrea said...

Art and dessert! You just made my day! (And congrats.)

Ellen said...

Show looks great, congrats on getting new work accepted there, well deserved. Next time you're at Raw Aura, if you take home any leftover cake, can you slip in one of those table for me, they're gorgeous:)

Melody said...

Dessert all around......