Thursday, April 29, 2010

Blog Notes

Silver Lining
Mixed Media on Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Yesterday and today I've been quietly hiding out in the studio as our main bathroom is undergoing a major reno that is long overdue.  We finally bit the bullet and went for it as the poor thing was simply falling apart.  Doesn't help in the least that the girls feel the need to not pull the curtain totally across when their showering....water all over the floor...rot...but today's not the day I've chosen to rag about the girls.... that could be a very long post  in itself and better left for another day.

Being holed up in the studio has in many ways been a blessing as I've really gotten a lot of new work either in progress or completed.  I'm currently working on a  36"x12" that is coming together nicely and which I'm really loving but you never know...the minute the paintbrush hits the canvas next that could all change.  

I received an email from the Matilda Swanson Gallery yesterday in Blue Mountain as they are interested in representing my work.  For the past few months I've been looking for a gallery in the Collingwood area and perhaps they'll fit the bill.  Were just in talks right now so we'll see what happens..........

I have this long range plan that I've devised in my calculating little mind in which I am represented by a gallery in Muskoka (Silverbridge...check), a gallery in Missisauga (Village Gallery...check), a gallery in Blue Mountain (Matilda Swanson...maybe...remains to be seen), a gallery in Toronto (would love to get into Art Interiors as it's one of my faves) and and of course a gallery in Vancouver (no leads on that to date).  So I feel part of having it come to fruition is putting it out there and I guess I just did that didn't I?  

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