Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Last Eggs Standing

Glad this weekend is over and done with as my body couldn't take anymore chocolate.  Not that anyone was stuffing it down my throat or anything like that, oh no, I was totally in control at all times and that is where the problem lies.  This is the last small basket left and I have now given it away just in case the temptation rears it's ugly head sometime today... that kid from Willie Wonka and The Chocolate Factory has nothing on me.

All in all it was a good weekend though as John's family came for the day on Sunday and what a gorgeous day it was.  We were able to sit outside and simply bask in the warmth and the sunshine.  I can't remember an April 4th that was 26 degrees C.

On the art front I'm working away and have slowly steered away from painting on cotton and am doing much more work on silk.  I like the way the paint flows across the surface and creates extremely interesting patterns without any help whatsoever from me.  Rather like it has a mind of it's own and I've been generally quite pleased.  My friend Sue Miller  has an opening this Friday night at the Ridge West Gallery so I'll head out to support her and am excited to take a look at her newest work.

Oh, and for anyone out there who watches "Lost" what a great episode last night. I think the series may  slowly be coming together as the whole alternate universe thing is quite exciting.  I've loved Desmond right from the start and the way he goes around calling everyone "brother" makes him all the more endearing to me.

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