Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fun At Blue & New Gallery Representation

The last few years we've been doing a mini getaway with the girls to Blue Mountain.  I, who am not a downhill skier, love blue Mountain as not only do they have a great Starbucks for my favourite chai latte but there are also a variety of shops and galleries in the area for those of us who are terrified of careening down a snow packed hill at 60 km/hr.

I spent quite some time here

And even though I didn't buy anything I loved walking around the quaint village and checking out all the shops.

The girls had a blast skiing....

On Saturday I took off for a visit with The Matilda Swanson Gallery.  I had meant to meet with them months ago but life got in the way and this seemed the opportune time being in Blue Mountain and all.  So I took in a few of my mixed media on cotton pieces and headed up the road to meet with Sue.  She loved the work but was concerned about the size.  The gallery mostly sells large works as that's what works best for them and that's what they move.   So for the time being they are going to keep the work I gave them but would like me to head back in April with larger works on canvas.  Nice gallery, nice people.

So this is a bare bones start of new piece....not a whole lot to show at the moment but it will eventually take shape when I figure out what I'm doing with it.  I always start with a basic sketch and work from there but it's almost guaranteed to never end up resembling  the original sketch which somehow appeals to me in a big way .... like a happy surprise.

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Rita Vindedzis said...

A little too much snow for me but I DO like your idea of skiing!!

I love this new panel just the way it is. I see a very soothing landscape. Congrats on the new gallery.