Thursday, May 19, 2011


To Sit in Silence
Acrylic on Gallery Wrap Canvas

The last few days have just flown by as I've been spending  much more time in the studio.  I'm currently working on about five different pieces varying in size from 6"x6" to 30"x24".  Everything from landscapes to skyscapes which I'll continue to post here before they head to gallery.

I'm feeling an incredibly strong direction in my work these days partly because I think I'm really finding my own path and what work brings me closer to that path and what work doesn't.  The work continues to evolve just as I do which brings me great happiness because I believe that's what were all here for.  

I think I mentioned in my last post how I spent last Sunday just being "in flow" with whatever happened which is big for me because I've always been one of those people who felt best when I was trying to control situations that arose in my life. John has been known to call me  a "control freak"  
But as days pass and I grow older and hopefully a little bit wiser (maybe),  I'm warming up to the idea of "flow". ... yeah I'm loving that word.  

Yesterday Sierah and I actually got to spend some one on one time together... the first since she arrived home at the end of April from her first year at university.

We made a day of it and shopped, laughed, visited Starbucks (I with my old standby chai latte and her with a coffee...yeah she drinks coffee now...that's what a year at university will do to you) headed to Roots and oohed and ahhed over the leather bags...bought a few new summer clothes....simply put...we just hung out.  There was a moment when I just sort of stood back and saw her, really saw her and realized that my daughter had grown up and that I sure liked and respected the smart, confident, kind and generous woman that stood in front of me.... it's all about the flow.

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