Monday, May 16, 2011

Sunday's Possibilities

Sunday morning I awoke with the thought that all things were possible.  Maybe I shouldn't say it was a thought as much as a feeling and a good one at that.

It simply felt like it was going to be that kind of day

 I also decided I wasn't going to allow my "planning mode" to kick in but instead I was just going to let the day unfold the way it would without any sort of micro managing on my part.

The last few years I've wanted to plant a wild rose bush....the smell is nothing short of intoxicating.  They grow scattered everywhere at our small cottage on the shores of Lake Superior.  When John was there last week he dug one up and brought it home to me as a gift.  Today after a long night's rain we headed outside with our shovels and began to dig ... did I say "we?".  He dug,  I watched.  I'm a good watcher.

It was cloudy and cool with the threat of rain but luckily it held off while we checked out the garden, the yard and planted some spinach.

After some time spent inspecting my, I mean John's handiwork we managed to convince
Sierah to head out with us for a bike ride.  

Exactly what a Sunday should be .... full of possibilities

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