Thursday, May 26, 2011

Show At The Craighurst Gallery

The past weekend turned out to be much nicer weather wise then was reported so I donned the rubber boots and did a bit of gardening.  When I say "a bit" I really mean a bit.  As much as I wish I was,  I am not anywhere near the gardener that Tracy Helgeson is.  But I did pick weeds out of the spinach patch to which John asked "about 10 weeds?" but according to my back it was much more than that.

I call an email from Hartley Woodside from The Craighurst Gallery last week asking if I'd be interested in teaming up with Janet Donaghey for a show on Saturday June 4th.  Janet is a textile/mixed media artist who was on the Images Tour last year.  So although short notice I think I'll put some of my older pieces in with some of the newer.

   Purple Haze

Tiger Butterfly

Both of these pieces are older works and are created in a method I don't really use much anymore but I thought it would be fun to show them again.

Purple Haze consists of collaged fabric as well as embroidered trees that I've mounted on painted canvas.   It just makes it easier for hanging as I haven't framed either of these.  Framing is always an option if I buyer decides to.  Tiger Butterfly is constructed in the same way, fabric collaged background with embroidered butterfly.

This may be one of the last (never say never) times some of this work will be shown as my paintings have really started to take off sales wise so unfortunately my textile work has begun to take a back seat.  Not to say I'll never create new work in this genre but for now my focus is elsewhere.  Can't do everything.....

Not sure what time the opening of the show is but will post it when I know.

Hope your having as a good a day as Simba is..............

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