Thursday, March 26, 2009

Another Guest

Letting Go
Work in Paint, Thread, Wool & Silk
Double Matted 8"x10"
I'm just waiting for Ellen to drop by to go over the new work for the show and thought I'd take this lull to post.
Believe it or not we have another exchange student from France arriving tonight. Actually my friend Kelly and her family had agreed to host this young woman for two weeks but somehow the lines of communication got crossed when they realized they wouldn't be home from their trip down south until Saturday and............. she arrives today. So we've agreed to host her until Saturday. The girls are quite excited as they both take French at school and think is will be an opportune time to practice although the French spoken in France is much different from the French spoken in Quebec. But what do I know? The extent of my French is Bonjour(hello) and Auvoir(goodbye) which in turn means I'll greet her when she arrives and not talk to her again until she's leaving.

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