Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring is in The Air

Safe Passage
Work in Paint, Thread, Wool & Silk
Double Matted 8"x10"

So I've spent some real quality time in the studio over the last couple of days so there's no whining from me today. Thursday I'll head up to the Silverbridge Gallery to drop off some new work and then in the afternoon Ellen from Ridge West is coming by to pick up my artwork for the show. I've really hit my creative groove which is turn making me a very happy camper.

I went out for a walk yesterday and the signs of spring are everywhere. Snow is finally melting, the road is dry and clear and my roof is breathing a sigh of relief after what has been a grueling winter. We've also had a visitor the last few days who seems to have found love with my cat Simba. We initially thought it was a female in heat as she would cry outside our bedroom window at 3 a.m. requesting Simba's presence. We, needless to say did not find this amusing in the least. At one point John went outside with the broom and starting banging on the deck to scare it away while Simba cowered behind the curtains in the house. We found out yesterday that she is a he. I opened the back door and he, in a very bold manner I might add, tried to get in.

Simba may be slightly flattered by all the attention but at the same time he is deathly afraid of his own shadow. I think this cat whom Sierah has named Sheila, which we may now need to change to Sam in light of his maleness, intimates Simba.

He seems totally uninterested in being friends and tries his best to escape from Sam's unnerving stare. Ahh, destined to become a one sided relationship afterall.


Kayla coo said...

Wonderful colours in this piece.
It's great to be in a creative groove!

andrea said...

You need to take more photos and set up a dialogue post! :) Very cute puss. I hope you keep him!