Monday, March 16, 2009


Me & The Girls on the Beach

I was so hoping to post last night but it was my friend Joan's b'day so we headed next door for a celebatory glass of red wine. By the time I arrived home my pillow, not my computer was calling my name. I fared no better this morning as I was helping John out in the office as his assistant is off for March break. I am!

A brief (ok, maybe not so brief) recap of the vacation...........
The flight out of Toronto ended up being a nightmare! We arrived at the airport at 4 a.m., yes, 4 a.m. for our 6 a.m. flight. We were sitting on the plane ready to take off when the pilot informs us there has been an "incident". By now I have already taken my Gravol and am feeling rather "buzzed". I never fly without Gravol and a plastic figure it out! After sitting the tarmac for another 45 minutes we find out the guy (I don't know what you call him. maybe confused) who backs the plane away from the ramp has instead backed the plane into the ramp. The plane now has a hole in it the size of Miami. At this point you could feel dissention on the part of the passengers. Some were half mumbling in a concerned sort of way that perhaps they were going to go find some sheet metal and duct tape. At that point I wished I'd had more Gravol. Now we all had to continue sitting on the plane for another hour until the insurance people arrived and the police. Finally back at the lounge area we found out the only plane they could find was one leaving at 3:30 that afternoon. I am now qualified to give tours of Terminal 3 at Pearson Int'l as I know it like the back of my hand.

Back to the vacation part which ended up being what a good vacation should be.........relaxing. Feeling the sun on my face everyday made winter back home seem like a distant memory. Although I must say as much as I love the sun it does not love me back. I am sure I'm the only person who heads south and comes back as white as when I left. My SPF 50 is never far away. Yes, pale and pasty would be correct.

Two of my favourite people whom I talked to everyday, Erica and Giselle. They also served my favourite drink which was a Miami Vice (part pina colada, part strawberry daquiri and a touch of rum) and no, I didn't want to know how many colories it contained.

On Tuesday we visited Basseterre which was the closest town. They had a bus tour but I really don't like that sort of experience. We just grabbed a cab and headed out. This is the center of town which they call the big green clock. Everything seems to originate from here.

I really wanted to take as many photos as I could as well as take in the local culture.

Here's a picture for Tracy Helgeson........this guy was darting in and out of traffic for what seemed like hours.

When we walked by one of the local schools all of the kids in the yard came running toward us in their blue uniforms.

They were so excited to see us but more than anything they wanted to sing for us. So we stood there mesmerized by what was a perfect moment in time. All these beautiful 8 year olds with smiles as wide as can be singing just for us. I looked at the girls and without saying a word I knew they felt the power of that moment. I think above all else it was my most favourite part of the entire trip.

On Thursday morning John and the girls decided to go on a Rainforest Hike which apparently involved a lot of twists and turns up the side of a mountain. The queen of motion sickness gratefully declined. I got myself a coffee and spent a few hours in the lobby sketching and people watching. It was surprising how many strangers approached me and either watched me draw, asked me about my art or just commented in general. I ended up having a fabulous time and had the opportunity to speak with people from all over the world. It's amazing what life presents to you when you least expect it. Those moments always end up being the most precious.

Now back at home I'm getting anxious to get back into the studio but it looks like I'll be burning the midnight oil all this week. I'm helping John in the office so the only chance I'll get to work will be in the evening. I still have at least 5-10 more small pieces to finish before the show opens at Ridge West on April 3rd. I just got the invites today which I'll post tomorrow.
Hope you, my fabulous readers, are well and looking forward to Spring.


andrea said...

I'm SO tired of winter that these photos just hit the spot. Now I need to take a hot bath and dream a bit...

Ellen said...

Great photos, welcome back!I'm planning my very first winter tropical vacation for next year. I've never been all that interested in resort vacations, but I'm told time and time again, once you go for the first time, there's no turning back, you'll crave the escape every year (which is bad, because my bank account can't afford a yearly trip like that!)