Friday, June 5, 2009

Simple Things Make Up A Great Day

Just Beyond
Work in Progress..................

Yesterday did not go altogether according to plan..............
John and I both needed to renew our passports and since he is headed to Colorado for a fly fishing trip in July we figured we should visit the passport office in Toronto in person. My passport photo is probably the worst photo I have ever had taken.....yuck.......I look like I just returned home from the asylum.... and no, I can guarantee you it will never be posted here.
So other than I fright I gave the passport clerk when I pulled out my photo, all went smoothly. $165.00 poorer.
John had an appointment so I dropped into Chapters........books and a chai latte... deliriously happy.
Lunch ended up being a fantastic little Indian restaurant just north of the city. We were planning on eating at the King Eddie but it was getting late and we decided not to drive downtown. So as were sitting there, across from each other, the only promise we made was to not talk about the kids. This was our time to discuss our stuff. We talked about how well things were going lately with my work , his work, a bit about politics but mostly about us.........
Note to self: Need more romantic lunchs with the man.
We we arrived home there was an email from Michelle at the Silverbridge Gallery letting me know she had sold two of my paintings today. Good news!
So here I sit ......... happy in this moment.

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