Tuesday, June 2, 2009

So What's With Your Messy Kitchen?

I'm sure you are all wondering why in the world I'm photographing my work in my kitchen. And if I am.........why is it so messy in there? The simple answer is the lighting. No where in the house is the lighting as good as in my kitchen, on the countertop right after breakfast. When I download my photos I don't have to touch them up at all other than of course some cropping. It makes my life so much easier than running around the house trying to find the right light. I have tried taking the photos outside on an overcast day but nothing beats this. So the dishes that are hanging around are generally from breakfast......maybe next time I'll tidy before snapping my pix but knowing me I probably won't.
I've had a few emails regarding when I'm going to put the small 6"x6" paintings up for sale on the blog and all I can say is when I have some time. I'm currently working on paintings for both Ridge West and Carriage House so when that's done I will focus on some smaller works. Thanks for your interest.
Have a great day all!

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