Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Another Show Comes To An End

Well I can't complain about the weekend except to say I'm tired out today. The tour was extremely successful even though the weather was less than cooperative. Any show in which I sell work is frankly, a good show. I considered this to be a great one. I sold framed work as well as some new stuff and picked up a lecture in Toronto for 2010.

I love how most people were trying to figure out "how does she do that?" so it's rather fun for me to be standing around listening to their comments not knowing who I am. Lots of talking and explaining but it was great as most days it's just me in the studio talking to myself and embarrassingly enough....answering.

My biggest thanks probably go out to John's mom who really picked up the slack around the house and made a fantastic meal for us everynight. If it were left up to me it would likely have been Kraft Dinner. Too exhausted by the end of the day is my excuse.

So during the show their is always one odd thing that happens that seems to stand out. Mine came from a man who confessed he hadn't even looked at my work yet but absolutely loved my artist statement. After finding out it wasn't yet posted to my website he asked if I could email it to him. Never ever received that request before but I'm a firm believer that there is a first time for everything.

So in my aim to please, here it is in it's entirety. Feel free to print if off if you'd like and even frame it if you want..........and yes, I am kidding!


Through my work I try to explore the persistence of things in the world. This fascinates me. The sky, bodies of water, trees and humanity………..the strength of the human spirit…….all of these things become symbols of endurance and timelessness
Within my art, glimpses of everyday merge with fragment of memory and of personal experiences. I do not concern myself with capturing naturalistic impressions whether they be nature based or figurative but instead focus on capturing a mood or a feeling. That blurred, soft, dreamlike line between where reality ends and spirit begins intrigues me. Creating work that is fluid and ever changing just as in life……a connection of sorts to a moment in time that inevitably disappears in an instant.
The use of organic materials within my work keeps me rooted in the natural world. A world of lush wools and silks, small stones from the shores of Lake Superior and finely woven threads. The delicate balance of these alongside manmade acrylic paints satisfies my need to remain grounded and centered in my work as well as in my life. It somehow connects me to the space in which I live, the world in which I inhabit.
My art does not strive to make a statement whether it be political or societal but instead it is, and continues to be, my search for enlightenment and connection which may in turn be a statement in itself.

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andrea pratt said...

Congrats on a good show, Melody and it *is* a good artist statement. They are as rare as hen's teeth.