Friday, October 30, 2009

A Bunch Of Thing to Say on A Friday

Today I had to finally admit there was not going to be the indian summer I had predicted. I held out as long as I possibly could but now I've given up all hope as my poor little autumn blaze tree has just about had it which always signals the onset of winter......

I've been busy in the studio but also planning for our upcoming Art Appreciation Show. This was the brainchild of Paul Harris who is the president of our community association. He approached me with the idea last year of having a one day event at our village hall to celebrate all the local artists in the area. I thought it was a great idea and if anything I really wanted the people who came out to get a chance to meet the artists who live around here and hopefully support their work with a purchase. Anyone can go to Walmart but to purchase a one of a kind piece of art from an artist means so much more. Last year I had our neighbours who live across the street come up to me at the show, surprised that I was an artist, which I honestly found a bit strange....not like I'm famous or anything close to that (in my dreams maybe) but I have been written up in the local paper quite a few times and what do they think I'm doing at night in that window with all the lights and the easel.......have they not seen me dancing???

So I've got about 14 artists which is 3 up from last year and we have also decided to extend the show one more day. We had such an amazing turnout last year and such great feedback we thought it a good idea. There are seasoned artists, many from the Images Studio Tour as well as a few newcomers.

So I'm sure everyone on the planet has seen the Black Eyed Peas performance on Oprah when the entire crowd got into it but I'm posting here anyway because it makes me feel good and hey, this is my blog. Also my favourite song right now and has been for quite awhile. So if your having a not so great day, check it out...........guaranteed to make you feel better.

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Ellen said...

Good luck with the show. Hopefully getting close to the holiday season, people will buy presents of true value (YOUR art!).
And whoa, I haven't seen that Oprah clip, amazing! Black Eyed Peas kind of lost me with that stupid lady hump song, but I agree, this one is great.