Sunday, March 21, 2010

Back At It

So as March break draws to a close I've headed back into the studio to start some new work and finish off some of the old.  I've got this piece that's been sitting forever but I continue to walk past it hoping some lightening bolt of inspiration will hit me and I'll know what the hell to do with it but so luck.  That could be a sign that "this isn't going anywhere so I should just bite the bullet and put it away" which I think is exactly what I'll do.  John is always freaking out when he sees pieces that I've pretty well dismissed because I don't believe they are going anywhere. He believes it's a waste which  I'm sure it is but if I'm not in love with it and excited about the possibilities (sigh) off to the closet it goes.  I continue to be my own worst critic.

I came across this great site quite by accident yesterday but I just love their spirit.  It's called
Salty Knits with the byline "knitters that got sick of knitting kitten mitts".  If I actually could knit I'd take a shot at doing what they did in their town......gotta love that ambition and creativity.

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Ellen said...

I so know that feeling! I have done too many pieces like that and I'm sure I'll do more in the future. I think I'm finally understanding the gut feeling before I start that tells me this probably won't work. It's usually because I haven't worked the composition of it all the way, then not wanting to feel like I've wasted time, I still try to MAKE it work by fudging and forcing it. I always know if I feel ambivalent about a piece, others looking at it probably will too. Bummer it's a lesson that took so long to learn for me, but all part of learning from mistakes, I suppose.