Saturday, March 6, 2010

Work in Paint & Thread

Odd for me to be blogging on a Saturday morning but I was here anyway checking out my Facebook and Twitter......god, technology is going to be the death of me but I do so love it.  I'm off to help out in John's office this morning and the house looks like a bomb has gone off.  Both girls were at a school dance last night and obviously decided that a midnight snack with no clean up involved would be oh so of surprised?  I'd be a fool if I was.  

On the studio front work is coming along well.  I've got a seascape painted out and ready for the wool/silk/thread part but have yet to begin.  Next week looks fairly open so I'll get to it then.  

A friend sent me this link which looks like something I'd love to see.

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Ellen said...

Whoa. I have to see this film. It looks so intense, life affirming and life transforming. Makes me happy funding is given to a company like Grassroots films to make documentaries like this.