Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Julie, Julia & Me

Late last week I came down with one nasty cold which unfortunately is still making itself known.   I kind of dragged myself through the day and even worked in the office on Saturday but Saturday night I took to my bed (couldn't help but put that in as it sounds so Jane Eyre-ish) and watched Julie & Julia.  Hands down a really great movie I mean come on,  there isn't anything that Meryl Streep touches that isn't considered amazing.  The woman seems a master at dialect and her acting skills bar none.  You truly do believe she is Julia Child whom I have now have decided I want to be.  I felt like jumping from my bed when I heard her recipe for Beef Bourguignon and giving it a shot but I knew if I lied down for a moment the feeling would pass.   John decided not to be inspired by Julia Child so didn't end up watching the film with me but I loved it.  Living in France, cooking at the Cordon Bleu in Paris, eating all the time, drinking wine with every meal.......perhaps in another life.

So feeling all Julia Child like, Sunday night I cooked up what I thought was an inspiring meal.... salmon with dill and a light curry sauce, garlic mashed potatoes, green beans almondine, maple syrup glazed baby carrots..... Just as I was about to sit down I said, in my best Julia voice, Bon Appetit.  The girls rolled their eyes and for the thousandth time this year thought I was just "weird" but better weird than boring I always say...oh, and the meal was delicious.  Julia would have been proud.

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Ellen said...

I saw that movie, loved the Julia part, Meryl Streep's performance was so adorable. I want to be just like the Julia Child she portrayed. She had the BEST attitude. Didn't care so much for the Julie part. But it had me dying to cook something traditional french too, then my inspiration left me knowing my work would unappreciated by my picky kids. Your meal sounds delicious!