Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Olympics 2010

Building A Mystery
Work in Paint, Thread, Wool & Silk

The weekend was a complete write off for me due to the Olympics on Sunday.  Like many people I watched on and off for the entire 17 days and at one point that was about all I watched.  The men's hockey game for the gold on Sunday was almost too stressful to take so at times I would disappear into my studio just to relieve the tension which was absolutely crazy.  I think having it played out on our own soil had a whole lot to do with how connected everyone in this country was to the game.  

So my favs for Olympic sports were;

Figure skating  ...  

Evan Lysacek for the U.S. skated what I would call a flawless program...so very beautiful to watch
Joannie Rochette for Canada....a true example of courage and commitment


Absolutely mindblowing as I can't for a moment imagine myself careening down a hill at that kind of speed.  I'll take cross country anytime as it's just the perfect pace for me, slow and easy.  I'll admit I have given downhill a try but it just didn't seem to agree with me probably because I was terrified most of the time.  I would stop halfway down the hill, stand off to the side and hold an inpromtu meet and greet with whom ever else decided to stop.  Yeah, I'm a much better social butterfly than a skier.


Watched no curling.  I just couldn't get into that game at all.  I'm sure it is interesting if you know what's going on but even for someone like me who likes things slow and easy......that was painful.


big "YES" as I watched both women's and men's hockey.  Dave Jamieson who coaches the goalies for the women's team also taught both of my girls grade eight in elementary school.  After the women won the goal four years ago he brought a couple of the players in with the metal to show the kids. Cool connection there.

Regarding the opening and closing ceremonies......

Not a lot of say about the opening as I thought it was pretty good but there were parts in the closing that were downright embarrassing.  The flying moose???  The oversized mounties??  The three singers whose names escape me now, rising up from three podiums singing "let's party" was almost too cheesy even for me.  The best had to be Neil Young singing "Long May You Run" and I also thought we were pretty damn good at poking fun of ourselves when the mime showed up pretending to fix the technical glitch that took place at at the opening ceremonies.

Time to get back to real life.


Jean Levert Hood said...

I enjoyed some of the Olympics almost every night!

and, I totally am enjoying this new piece! Love the colors, textures and composition.

andrea said...

Sounds like my life! As for the cheesy bits in the closing ceremonies, apparently a bunch of American media thought we were serious!