Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Morning in The Village

This morning I took a ride on the "Zen" bike through the village and this is what I saw.............

An absolutely gorgeous morning.  This was one of those days in which the gratitude cup was running over.  I sometimes forget how lucky I am to live here and to have the opportunity to experience this beautiful part of my world.

I just picked some rhubarb from the garden for a strawberry/rhubarb crisp I'm going to make .......this recipe is super delicious so if anyone wants it feel free to email me as I'd be happy to share

Both of the girl's boyfriends will be here for dinner tonight so I  I'll be throwing on my Martha Stewart hat


andrea said...

You seem to lead an absolutely idyllic life in an idyllic place, Melody. I love the General Store sign! And yes please: publish recipe.

Melody said...

Thanks Andrea... sometimes I fall into the trap of just taking it all for granted but today......I just took it all in and felt such gratitude