Friday, June 27, 2008

Back To The Studio

This morning I got into the studio.......finally, and started on a new piece. Since the show opened at the beginning of June I haven't spent that much productive time in there. Oh, I've been in there to tidy up a bit and fool around with some paint but as far as work goes....nada. After every show I almost always feel the burnout settling in.

So this new piece is going to be called "Copper Road". First time I can remember a name coming to me before the piece had been completed. Copper Road will be much longer than it will be wide as that is a shape that has always really appealed to me. The top 1/3 will be blue sky.......I'll use cobalt with a lot of white and the trees will be entirely worked in thread. The bottom 2/3 will be much more abstract. I'm planning on integrating a variety of wools (umbers, mahoganys, deep siennas and of course coppers). It will start almost brown/black at the bottom and lighten in colour from there. I think I may throw some silks in too just to add a tiny bit of shimmer.

Here are a few photos of some of my wools and silks


cynthia said...

Looking forward to seeing this piece develop! Is that wool called roving, or is it something else?

Ellen said...

Those threads are gorgeous. I have no idea how you do your art out of this, it looks so complicated. Can't wait to see it progress.