Tuesday, June 17, 2008

New York in July

Next month we are headed to Upstate New York and I am unbelievably excited. I found out this past winter that the amazingly talented Carol Shinn was teaching at Morrisville State College
Since New York is just a hop, skip and a jump from me (ok, maybe not that quick but about 5 hours) I decided to take her class this summer. Studying under Carol Shinn is like meeting with a rock star for me. Her work is about the best you can get for anyone who is working in embroidery. Although we both work in thread, she works in it exclusively which means no paint whatsoever. This will be a major challenge for me as I am used to incorporating both of them into my work. John and the girls are coming along as we've planned on making a vacation out of it. I have heard Upstate N.Y. is similar in many ways to Ontario.....lots of rivers, lakes and green spaces. John is an avid fly fisherman so he should be in his glory........the girls no so much but they are hoping there is shopping near by. I've found a beautiful Inn where we'll be staying and since I'll only be in class during the day it leaves lots of time for exploring the area the rest of the time.

Well must run the laundry is calling. I think all day today I'll be singing the "I Love New York" theme song.........maybe not singing but humming for sure.


Tracy said...

um, I hope you aren't forgetting about how great it will be to visit me here in upstate NY:)

Melody said...

Are you kidding.......that will be the best part of the trip. Can't wait to meet you and your family. Much thanks for the invite.....

cynthia said...

Wow - Carol's work is amazing! when I first clicked on the images, I thought they were photo realistic paintings, not thread paintings.

You'll have a great workshop!

Ellen said...

What a fantastic vacation. I also clicked on her website, I simple can't fathom how she is able to do that with thread. Stunning.

One of these days I'm determined to take an artist retreat vacation somewhere. I'm sure you'll have wonderful time.

Melody said...


Isn't she great? It will be fascinating to watch her process and take what I can to use in my own work. Can't wait!

Thanks for your kind words as always. I've never been on an artist retreat so I'm just going to soak it all up.