Friday, June 6, 2008

A Common Thread Opening Night

Yesterday I spent about five hours at the gallery with Carol and Pamela Allen. Looking at all those blank walls and trying to visualize how the show would hang was daunting to say the least. My stomach is still doing the butterfly thing but I'm also excited.......I think. John has been away all week in Toronto so these past seven days have been a bit overwhelming. All in all things did get done and now I'm ready. I just dropped off three small pieces for matting this morning to my framer Diane (have I said I love my framer.........I do). The small pieces which I posted on this site are doing unbelievably well at the gallery and the show hasn't even opened yet. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that the price point is so good. Makes it perfect for people who have just started collecting art and are looking for something smaller.

The Barn on Rowanwood Lane

Last fall I was picking my daugher up from a sleep over and on my way there came across this barn. It was late in the afternoon and the way the sun was shining it almost looked purple. I stopped the car took the photo and knew I would use it one day. The barn reminds me of the amazing work by my favourite painter Tracy Helgeson and her beautiful barns. I've long admired her work and I do think I'm her biggest fan. Oh no, wasn't that what that psycho Kathy Bates said to James Caan in the movie Misery. Yikes! She's going to think I'm a crazy now. Hopefully she won't read this. Ok, back to the piece as my nerves are causing me to ramble incoherently. The barn, sky and road are painted in acrylic but the trees and grasses are completed in thread.


This piece was another inspired by the beautiful greenspaces around where I live. John and I sometimes go walking through the Simcoe County Forest on a Sunday afternoon. Lots of opportunities for inspiration and photos. These two trees seemed to appear out of no where as we rounded a corner but their proximity to each other was fascinating to me. Another piece in which a snapped a photo and knew I would use it for one of my artworks.

Well, let me just take a moment to thank everyone who reads this blog for your kind comments and email messages regarding tonights opening. Your thoughtfulness is very much appreciated. If any of you are in the Midland area tonight between 4pm and 10pm, please drop into the gallery to say hello. I'd love to see you.

I'll be back on the weekend with lots of updates and photos.


cynthia said...

Wish I could go to your opening - it's going to be good!!

Ellen said...

Good luck Melody! I'm sure you'll have a wonderful evening, butterflies and all. Love that 'Sisters' piece.

I know it's not exactly close, but when you talk about your area, it completely brings me back. I spent most of my childhood summers in Honey Harbour. Your artwork reminds me of those good memories of driving through small cottage country towns and noticing those little pockets of places, fields and trees through the car window.

I think artists and children have much the same perception when observing their surroundings. A tree isn't just an object, it's details are interesting and almost magical. It seems like you're weaving some of that magic one thread at a time.

Jean Levert Hood said...

I love your 'ramblings', Melody!
Anxiously awaiting your update, and hoping that by now, the butterflies have flown away!