Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Visit From The Plumber

I had great intentions yesterday of getting many things done but instead spent two hours with the plumber. Last week my oldest daughter mistakenly (I don't know how you can do this mistakenly but she did) flushed the toilet paper roll down the toilet. You know the plastic cylinder that the toilet paper roll fits over? She said it slipped out of her hand while the toilet was flushing. Huh? I spent days trying to plunge that thing thinking I could save myself some cash and perhaps begin a new career but it finally dawned on me that I was making no headway with the toilet. The plumber arrived yesterday and tried to push the thing through the system with something he called a snake but that didn't work either. For some odd reason, he too, kept calling me Mel.

He finally had to take the toilet off and set it outside on my deck while he used a coat hanger to try and get that dreaded plastic roll out of the toilet. At one point he said he had gotten one half of it but the other was jammed in there and we may need to think about getting a new toilet. I could see the money I had made at the show on Friday night going toward buying a new toilet and it didn't make me feel very happy. He said he would keep working on it. Tick tock, tick tock...$$$$$$$$$

After another ten minutes he finally removed it from the toilet, raised it above his head and said proudly, "Mel, I got it". Surprisingly enough that was the highlight of my day yesterday.

Here's a few new pieces.... work in acrylic paint and thread

Purple Fields

Red Tulip

In The Distance


Ellen said...

Hey 'Mel,' what I especially love is the gorgeous tree photo and then all talk about toilets and plumbers. Too funny! I hope it doesn't cost you your well deserved show earning, that's just plain wrong. (and lovely paintings as always)

Jean Levert Hood said...

this wins the "life gets in the way" award, Mel!! Love it!
(I'm imagining that at this point, if someone starts a conversation with " Well, Mel...." you are on all out alert!

Your new pieces are wonderful!

Melody said...

Ellen, it ended up costing me $233.00 for the two hours but still less than a new toilet and the installation cost of that. Oh, life is so strange sometimes. Hope your well.

Jean, isn't that "Mel" thing funny? I don't mind it but just find it odd because no one I know calls me that....just strange men I guess...thanks for the kind words.

TMAR said...

I stumbled upon your page tonight and am glad I did. "In the distance" is truly lovely.

Melody said...

Thanks Tmar for stopping by and your kind words about my work. Hope you'll come by again.