Monday, April 6, 2009

Just When We Thought We Had Seen The Last Of It

This is what we woke up to this a.m. and it's not like we weren't warned. Yesterday was a gorgeous, sunny, spring like day. Almost all of the snow had melted and I wouldn't for a minute believe what the weathermen was feeding us. Hah! ..... 20 cm of snow? You've got to be kidding? Well, looks like the joke's on me. Today I'm trying my best to just not look outside. It's all a bit much don't you think?

The show opening on Friday night was one of the best show openings I had ever attended. Although the rain persisted all day and all night, those dire hard art fans and friends of mine came out to the show anyway. It was busy from start to finish.

Ellen had hired a caterer, Jackie from Edible Affairs, who went above and beyond great food. Hope I didn't eat too many of the h'oeurves as I was starving by the time I got there. In my rush around the house looking for, of all things, my bra (god knows I couldn't leave home without that) I forgot to eat dinner.

All of my friends from the village showed up as they usually do. Just can't say enough good things about each and every one of them. They've seen my work a million times over but each and every time I have an opening there they are for support. So I sold some work...........smaller pieces but still work all the same. Met some really interesting people. Love this woman's stockings.

John showed up with Sierah and Fannie. Fannie is another exchange student from France that we hosted for the weekend. She overlooked the fact that my French .... well honestly it just sucks. Everytime I tried to say a sentence in French she smiled sweetly and reverted back to English. Guess she was trying to tell me something................

A wonderful night indeed!


Ellen said...

Sounds like a great night, and a great turnout. Like the shot of the woman taking a closer look at your work. It's always nice when people linger and take the time to really look at your art (and even better if they buy!)
Snow? *shakes head*

Melody said...

Snow?.... I'm shaking my ahead right along with you.