Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tired But Productive

The Chosen Few
Work in Progress.....
Acrylic on Canvas

The Green Bench
Work in Progress......
Acrylic on Canvas

I'm hoping this post makes sense as I'm tired this a.m. and hopped up on too much caffeine. Woke upat 4:11 in the morning with "art inspirations" and couldn't get back to sleep. Wish those"art inspirations" would come to me when I'm struggling away in the studio and tossing everything I've done in the garbage. I finally drifted off around 5:30 just in time for the alarm to go off at 6:15. My youngest had a babminton tournament today and needed to be at the school for 7:00 a.m. to catch the bus. I am not a good morning person at the best of times and today was just another one of those mornings. Stopped at "Timmy's" on my way home and had a extra large double double which I never do so by the time I got home I was raring to go.

So another days passes and I still don't have my machine back. Probably my fault as I've been meaning to give them a call but they did say at least a week so I'm cutting them some slack. But I've been entertaining myself by painting quiet happily in my studio. Once these two are fnished I may sell them online or take them to a gallery.......not sure yet....... too tired to think it through.

I'm headed for a walk...................have a good one

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Kayla coo said...

Hope you got some sleep!
My two are on school hols so we have not had the early morning rush to school.
I love seeing your painting in progress,it's wonderful.xx