Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Since my sewing machine has been in the shop since Friday I've been trying to do some other necessary jobs that need to be done in my studio......... you know, like cleaning it up. Yesterday it seemed everything I touched art wise fell apart. I must have painted about four or five pieces and ended up tossing everyone of them. Totally frustrated I decided to instead vacuum because god knows that task has been long neglected. Lots of dust bunnies hanging around that were nothing like the chocolate bunnies I have been scoffing down all weekend long. So with the vacuuming done and being quite pleased with myself, I decided to tackle the closet. I opened the door, thought about it for a second and closed it again. Maybe not!

I'm hoping to hear back regarding my machine sometime today so in the meantime I'll pay some bills (do they never stop coming?), do some laundry, NOT eat anymore chocolate, wash the kitchen floor, send media info for Images Art Studio Tour (deadline is today) run to town for a few errands and maybe just maybe that closet won't seem so daunting today.... who am I kidding?


Kayla coo said...

Hi Melody,
You should see my mess it's quite a disgrace!
I keep meaning to tidy but I get distracted.
What machine do you use?
Oh and I have also been scoffing a lot of chocolate!

Michala x

Jean Levert Hood said...

Ohhh, I do not like those times when everything goes in the trash!!! Tomorrow will be another day.

Melody said...

I use a basic Husqvarna. Nothing fancy. It does straight stitch, zigzag and buttonhole and that's about it.