Thursday, May 6, 2010


Seeing as the weather has been so amazingly beautiful lately,  I've taken advantage of that and have been out either walking or riding my bike.  Sometimes I actually have to push myself  as I get so wrapped up in the studio or with other household "stuff" that just seems to need to be of the big disadvantages of working at home.  This week I've made it a point to just get out with my camera and enjoy the sun on my face and wind in my very short hair...just got it cut.

Clouds have always been one of my most favourite things in nature alongside of trees.  I'm endlessly fascinated by their shapes, formations and colours and simply how they make me feel when I look at them. A lot of people have flying dreams but I have cloud dreams....laying on clouds looking down, sleeping on clouds on just sitting on them being softly and silently blown around.  Clouds make me feel something so it would only seem natural I would want to incorporate that into my work which if you've been following my blog lately, you can see I have.

In Progress

In Progress

In Progress

My next step is to get to work on another 20"x20" that has been sitting around the studio as well as a 18"x36". These examples are small and will be shown at Images this year.  


Rug Cleaning said...

I love watching the sky and the clouds above it sets my soul at ease.

Melody said...

Me too!